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Black “Gods Depiction” LongSleeve Tee

Black “Gods Depiction” LongSleeve Tee

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  • Made with Soft Cotton Thermal.
  • Comfortable and good for daily or underwear thermal Henley shirts
  • Perfect match for any jackets , coat and pants for daily wear.
  • Must have in your closet on Fall or Winter season.
  • 100% Cotton (Except : Charcoal 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester and 88% Cotton / 12% Polyester).


In this unique piece, I've artfully combined symbols from Russian icons and the universally recognized Star of David, traditionally associated with Judaism. This fusion is intentional and holds a deeper meaning, emphasizing the shared essence of faith and spirituality that transcends specific religious boundaries. By incorporating these diverse symbols, the artwork is a visual representation of universal faith in a higher power. It encourages unity, inclusivity, and dialogue among individuals from various cultural and religious backgrounds. The intention is to celebrate the common threads that connect us all in the pursuit of a higher understanding, fostering a sense of harmony and shared spirituality.

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